The main failing of many modern political campaigns is that they have given the digital team too large a presence at the table.

Nickolas Kozloff expressed this sentiment in an article written for the Huffington Post in late 2015.

Hopefully, Bernie will be able to overcome such historic liabilities and improve upon the lackluster electronic record set by Obama. It’s a little ironic, however, that many of Bernie's tech gurus hail from Obama’s previous efforts. [...] While it would be an exaggeration to blame former Obama staffers for subsequent disappointments associated with the electronic network, there’s a sense of déjà vu here.

Some are beginning to learn that digital, while an effective form of communication, does not affect a campaign in the same manner as effective and intelligent political consulting.

While this may seem to run counter to current sentiment seen in the “new media” sector of politics & consulting, many campaigns are finding, through their successes, that bundling digital into-and as an equal partner in-their paid and press media strategies, brings success. And that it, as part of a greater whole, allows the campaign to focus on being well-rounded and well-founded.

Addendum: I am left with nothing but the sense that the above could be reiterated given the performance of the Hillary Clinton campaign.